Where Summer and Fall Converge

It took spring forever to come this year. Then suddenly it was summer. I worried that I wouldn’t be ready for fall and winter, but I’m realizing that I’m perfectly fine with it after all. I’m even getting excited for school to start.

My thrift store shopping was particularly successful last Saturday. I’m loving that blue crock, and the flowers in it. If that isn’t a picture of summer and fall converging, I’m not sure what is. I also found a squeeze-all food strainer. Or whatever you call it. Apple sauce maker, tomato juice maker, you know, that thing. The price tag said 5 dollars but I think she gave us a discount. Brand new. Very happy thing because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put the money out for one but I also don’t like borrowing. Everyone needs their own this time of year.

Here is a little apple tree that could. I truly did pick off a bunch of the apples that were on it this spring, but it wanted to try, so I let it.

The sunflowers are doing their thing. My garden is a tiny little jungle of weeds and vegetables and flowers. I’m still unsure if I want to garden like a virtuous woman next year to see if I can feed my family out of it. It’s just been fun this year. In the background is the chicken house I built this spring. That was hard work but fun for both Jube and I. Dru plans to get the roof finished for me soon too.

This bird has decided to hatch one last clutch of eggs before the cold fall weather. The only hitch is that there are no eggs under her. She’s not really taking the hint. The only thing worse than a hormonal woman is a hormonal chicken. And the only thing worse than that is the combination of the two.

This pumpkin is getting so fat that we had to loosen the fence to give it expanding space. Next year I’m going to grow pumpkins that aren’t advertised as being able to grow 200 pounds. I want cute little orange pie pumpkins.

And maybe next year I’ll have raspberries that don’t require wading through the woods to get. My bushes from Carissa are taking off. As for the blackberries in the woods, I’ve had quite enough of them. The pain is no longer worth the rewards.

And here’s a bonus: Rian–out to, “Doot baes!”

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