This is Us

Havilah is my partner in crime on this homesteading journey. Give us a few years and the two of us will be a formidable force. We’ve got dreams and ideas already!

Jube was ready for the school break and turning into a good help around the house and homestead. He needs chores. I’m realizing that he works well when he has a list to go off of. So today he cleaned up after that mother mouse he caught in my cupboard the other day. He also got excited about our underbrush clearing project.I didn’t realize that you could still faintly see that Havilah’s eye was still slightly black and blue. She had a collision with Jube the other day. They were both crying but she ended up getting the worst of it. We are so thankful to be done with the school books for the year.

Rennie wasn’t quite so happy to be done with school. We’d just gotten his new preschool books. He was named after his great-grandpa Sidney Reynolds Skrivseth. We took Rennie from Reynolds–and the Skrivseth in him shines through quite boldly. One thing he does is gestures towards what he wants, offended that we accuse him of not asking for things politely. “I did ask!”

Rian is my redhead. He says and sings interesting things. Tonight he was singing an imprecatory psalm about Jesus taking care of bad guys and keeping him safe. Where he comes up with these things we know not. Family selfie when we don’t have someone to hold the camera.This man is my favorite. I’m forever thankful that I married him. He is my favorite preacher too. Go hear him at (Or come visit us!) He is passionate about proper exegesis of the Bible. While I dabble in learning about attainable and sustainable homesteading ideas, he pursues attainable and sustainable Christianity as we follow Jesus through his Word. Together we’re learning that all of the attainable-sustainable is tangled together, and doesn’t always happen as gracefully as we think it ought.ca6f19ba-9d45-4033-bb3a-913af257579d.jpgStill liking my chickens over here. Do I really look like a pastor’s wife? If I’m ever tempted to worry that I appear to be too frivolous on one hand, too raw on the other, I have people who tell me that my “real” is a good and healthy thing. I hope this to be true by the grace of God.Stuffing a wiggly little duckling into the pocket of a wiggly little boy while leaning out a window isn’t super easy.It was Dru’s idea to pull the dog into the picture. He said that if ducklings and kittens could be on the picture, the dog should be too. Mercury proceeded to put on his best doofus show. We like us. Doofus dog and all.

Now would be a good time to record that it was my idea to take pictures on the way out the door to go to church. The family obliged quite nicely. I usually balk at taking family pictures. It doesn’t really feel like real life to dress up in matching duds and look amazing against some amazing backdrop that I can’t seem to think of. But you know what? I think we’re amazing and you pretty much see who we are on these pictures, against our old blue house. Maybe I’m just becoming okay with not looking like normal people when we go to take pictures. We will never have coordinated outfits or perfect hair. But that’s exactly what I like about us.

So that’s us. We’re excited about spring and some of the projects happening around here. I’m hoping to blog more consistently–for my own sake as much as anything. I want this memories captured. I want to freeze this summer in time. It won’t ever happen this way again.

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