A Day In the Life

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. There is truth to this statement. Dru is in Manitoba for a weekend of meetings at a youth camp. I miss him. I think about him more because he’s gone. I can only just barely be okay with it. Because I know that this is real life. Yet I am determined that this will not be the story of our lives. For all of my love for animals and my 4 acres of privacy, I love my man more. I’ve been half way around the world from him more than once. You would think that one would get used to it and it would get easier. It doesn’t. When we’re fifty and the kids are grown, I’m going to travel with him. Everywhere. So now that I have that off my chest, here’s how the day went. I know that this is sad, yet beautiful. I found this baby pipped, but he didn’t make it. I’m not sure why. I peeled back more of the shell until I got to this point. It’s amazing to me how God did this. How he can make little baby ducks grow inside of an egg.

Still in my pjs, I buried the baby, deciding not to show the kids. Then I finished my rounds, ending up by counting kittens. I don’t know why I did that other than that yesterday we lost two, one of which showed up at the neighbors. I noticed this morning that we lost another one. Not just any other one, we lost Christopher Columbus, known as Orangey to Rian. The only orange kitten and Rian’s favorite. I wanted to cry. I had booted the kittens out of the garage because it needs desperate cleaning and it was beginning to smell of cats. I wasn’t counting on the kittens going missing.

So I prayed about it and felt sick about it and told the kids and tried to go on with life. I was in the bathroom when Jube came in triumphant a couple hours later. Christopher Columbus had only gone exploring again and was now found. I never expected to see him again. So we’re all thankful to have Orangey back. Even Dru was happy when I sent him this picture. Because seriously, when the kid and the kitten have matching hair, it’s just kind of adorable. Now one of the next things in life is to give away the kittens we don’t want and fix the remaining cats. I’ve had enough of kittens for a while.

I fed the kids banana shakes and chocolate chip cookies for lunch.

The children played in the water all afternoon and nearly drowned the garden in the process.

My sister Amy came over and we visited while I puttered around at life. That was happy.

Then I lost my phone. Like seriously. So badly that I had to borrow the neighbors phone and then called family in Minnesota and my Sis in law tried to help me get it to set the alarm off. I finally used a different phone and hooked my iPad to its WiFi and set off the alarm from there and found it. This required three trips down to Jake and Jan’s. I wasted an hour. All because I took the phone outside and put it above my head level on the chicken run. Highly frustrating and humiliating.

Then I came home and fed the kids ice cream and listened to Ordinary Time, the Joy Brand New album. Several times. To feed my soul. Because the words of the hymns are good.

Goldie has four ducklings hatched out, we’ll see how many of hers actually make it. Little Bear has her two. I have six in the incubator and most of them are rocking and rolling and pipping, but not hatched. I think I just heard a peep. I thinking I’ll have at least one baby by morning.

So it really was a good day in the end. But rather up and down like. I will be so glad when Dru gets home. I don’t look forward to going to church without him. Not at all. Nope.

My life sounds rather mundane. I mean, sometimes I really wonder what value there is to it. My animal hobbies feel sometimes like self inflicted stress and perhaps only a selfish deviation from real life. Like, couldn’t I find a more “godly” hobby. But get this: I’m realizing that real life is a lot more about chickens and kittens and loving my kids than anything else. There are so many what ifs and how comes in life, for which I have no answers. These are things that feel really big and heavy sometimes. Things that affect me in ways that they shouldn’t and I have to step back and say, “Wait a minute, what am I operating out of? Fear? Presupposition? Is this really a problem I can fix?”

Then I realize that the answer for me right now lays in praying and waiting and trusting in the Lord for those answers. Meanwhile, I am barefoot in the garden, bugging broody hens, and feeding my kids ice cream for lunch. It’s the real life they need. It’s the real life I need. And God cares about the lost kittens and the lost cell phones and if He’s answering those prayers, then this mundane life, really is real life.

Real life is going to change. One day, Dru and I are going to be in our fifties and we’re going to travel. And Dru’s going to preach Jesus because that’s what he does best. And by then, I hope to know what I do best. Maybe it’s just be his friend and pray for him and help him love the people God puts before us. That sounds like a real life I could get into. Because, even now, that’s what I like to do best.

Well, there’s also the bit about the garden and chickens that I kind of get a kick out of. But seriously, if it comes down to chickens or days traveling with my man, I’ll take the man, any day of the week and forever.

1 thought on “A Day In the Life”

  1. Hi Lisl. I don’t comment here much but this time I will! I’ve been studying on Busyness and busybody and also i’m raising teens and also I’m close to 50. And I hear you. So one question. What makes you think that at 50 you’re going to know what you’re good at? It’s a curiosity question. What if you accepted that you’re already good at life and there’s room at the table for you already? And room for everyone else? What if the 30 year olds found the calm in their soul at thirty and not wait till 50? Seek God deeply but don’t overthink. Enjoy the simple Joys. God Bless.


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