A New Beginning

It’s time again. I’m ready. On my last post over on blogger, I said perhaps I would blog again one day. That day has come.img_20180729_1827031Many happy healing things have happened since that day. So many things. So many things that I’m not even going to name them all on this first post–assuming that that was even a possibility, which it isn’t. img_20180610_110815For now I’ll just say that we found this amazing little cabin on a hill, in the woods, with four acres around it–and we can call it our own. It’s mostly the shenanigans and adventures of our lives on this resting spot that I’d like to to share with you.img_20180417_203011I share, not just for your benefit, but for mine. To remember well the blessings that God has given us in this season of our lives. img_20180517_134521So here’s to a new chapter. Welcome! It’s nice to be writing again. It’s nice to have you here.img_20180610_1850531

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