This summer has been full of interesting discoveries. Most of them are wonderful and good. Like a big blackberry/raspberry patch out in the woods along the lane.

Picking blackberries is like an addiction. I can’t stop going back for more about every other day, yet doing so is very uncomfortable.

Hannah went out with me yesterday. Her word for the prickly brambles was “friendly.” Well, yes, maybe–but not exactly a cozy hug. And the mosquitoes are outrageous. The first time I went out there, I went with short sleeves and no bug spray on. I came back to the house triumphant with my quart of berries but my arms looked like they had hives all over them. I took a shower and was still quite itchy. Dru went rummaging about in the medicine basket in search of an antihistamine to no avail. I survived and went back for more.




The thing about blackberries is that you declare you are done and turn around to see you walked right past ripe berries. Just look at this picture. The more you look, the more you see. It’s worse in real life.



The chickens approved. Meet Ice Cream and Goldie.  They’re the only two chickens laying eggs right now. Now is about as a good a time as any to confess that I’ve become a crazy chicken lady. It’s kinda like a coffee addiction in the form of a bird–or something. Only I still need the coffee too. Sorry if you don’t get this–it’s a crazy chicken lady thing. Maybe you should google it.

Jube found two frogs. He proclaimed one of them a tree frog. I have learned to take his word for it. He knows more about that stuff than I do.


I have black cherries 15 and 20 feet in the air. I know that’s what they are because I tasted them off of the ground. (I picked them up first, yes, for those of you who need those kind of things spelled out for you.) They aren’t tart like the choke cherries. They remind me very much of the cherry you buy at the store, only less sweet and with less fruit. The pit is about the same size, perhaps a bit smaller.  I’m still pondering how to get them down from the trees. I have no ladder. Right now I’m settling for the choke cherries and hope to make jelly.


We also found gooseberries. Jube and I both decided they tasted odd. Not particularly bad, just weird. They look like something that doesn’t want to be eaten either. Why didn’t I take a picture?

We have a lot of happy going on here, along with the frustrating bits of trying to live outside and hoping the laundry will just do itself already. I thought in passing of just leaving it in the dryer until it folded itself. Decided that that really isn’t a thing. So the kids and I tackled that laundry this evening. I have high hopes of being more responsible about it in the future.

There’s a cheesecake cooling in the oven. That is a very happy thing.

My proofreader is sleeping so I shall publish this and hope that nothing is too cringe worthy. He can edit for me in the morning.


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