Beautiful Days

The garden is over, as far as produce is concerned. The leaves are turning. School has started.

I gave the stubborn hormonal hen some eggs. This involved calling a friend. She collected eggs from her one laying hen. Goldie hatched all four of them like a supermom.

It’s apple picking time. We picked two of our own little trees so far, and a fallen tree for an older couple. Apple picking brings back memories of another year, when we picked apples with my Grandma, but that’s another post for another time.

The pumpkins came came in early this year at my house. After a hard rain my garden was water logged and I didn’t want to lose them to rot.

I had Dru carry them. The biggest ones were 50 pounds. How big would’ve they grown if I hadn’t picked them early? I wonder.

One of these kiddos favorite things s a picnic. Lunches on the lawn are a happy for them. However, lately they get more help from the dog, cat, and chickens, than is necessary. Havilah couldn’t figure out where her cookie went the other day. I’m pretty sure the dog enjoyed it.

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