The Four Legged Critters

This is a picture my brother took when he was here a while ago. Tigger and Mercury cohabitate happily. This box was their summer residence, which has since been replaced by the dog house.

Mercury came to us mid winter, free of charge. His owner just wanted a good home for him. We love him. Tigger came from Emilee, Dru’s sister. He’s among the tamest and nicest of cats. As far as I know he’s a good mouser. But the mice are too much for him and my one mouse hunting chicken.

I told Dru I have a phobia of mice and I’m trying to deal with it as responsibly as possible under the circumstances. Granted, I still have the steel wool and foam spray trick to try. Maybe I’m taking drastic measures, but so be it.

These two are the newbies. Dru named the male in the top corner, Nimrod. The pretty girl is Tabitha Twitchet. They’re a bit wildish, especially in comparison to Tigger, who was raised indoors as a kitten, but they both purred like machines this morning when I went out to the garage where they’ve taken up residence for the time being.

This morning as I was on the couch I heard a trundling about above, where animals ought not be. I quietly congratulated myself for getting two more cats, but then realized that that was an awfully big mouse up there. I ran out to see if there was something on the roof. Our roof has a lean-to above the basement stair case that brings the roof nearly to the ground. I’ve been told that the dog has been seen up there with the cat. I went around the house to see if he was coming down, but I met him at the corner, running pell-mell. He was overcome with guilt when I confronted him about if he’d been on the roof. He refused to look at me and was dreadfully ashamed. I couldn’t get him to go back up either. A bit later Tigger came running around the house.

And now I’m wondering how many of the “mice” I’ve heard overhead we’re merely the cat and dog frolicking on the roof?

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