The Battling of the Brain Fog

My dear man bought me an iPad a few weeks ago. At least, he said it was for me. But there are times I open it and find that he’s been reading kindle books. I’m sure I didn’t download that app. We won’t mention how he used it to run his PowerPoint last Sunday when he preached. Nope, not a word.

Because, you see, when my own computer was carelessly left lying on the floor next to my bed by yours truly, some person stepped on it and that was the end of the screen. Perhaps it was me when I got out of bed. Perhaps it was the two year old when he was getting into (my) bed. Whatever the case, it was broken. Right around that time when I had decided that I really did want to blog.

So he bought me the iPad, using precious Best Buy rebates, a Black Friday deal, and a bit of his own money. And voila! I have writer’s block. Precious.

I’ve had a bit of a “brain fog” in general lately. A good dose of 1 Peter and I realized that whatever “brain fog” is, it’s no excuse for general dilly-dallying and lazing about when there are kids to raise, sisters and friends with heartaches, a husband who is a teacher and pastor, and a general need to be in prayer and alert on the battlefield. Teaching 1 Peter in Sunday School suddenly got way more personal than I realized it would be. But now I had something to share anyway.

I have no idea what being alert in the battle means for any of you, but for me it means getting out of bed before the kids, closing the curtain, stoking the fire, brewing the coffee, and being uninterrupted by little people as I spend the first part of my day waking up, praying, and reading my Bible.

I sit, finally reveling in the fact that, when properly executed and within reason, I am safe behind the curtain. The three oldest know not to come down the hall until the curtain opens. They can do their chores, use the bathroom, or clean their bedrooms, but come past the curtain they may not. It’s as amazing as it sounds. I figure that if the days have been busy and the evenings late, that extra half hour spent in quiet in their rooms now and them won’t hurt anything, and will most likely be good, from time to time.

The Christmas season is in full swing around here. We had a jolly day yesterday with my Mom and sister and sisters-in-law doing the annual Christmas cookie baking day. The kids played and the women talked. I still always feel as though my mom and sisters work circles around me. I provided little other than the large kitchen and some ingredients. They acted as though this was enough.

This morning I used Grandma Ruth’s blueberry muffin recipe and mixed up some muffins, exchanging the blueberries for cranberries and dipping the muffins in the leftover white chocolate then sprinkling them with pink sugar. My house was quiet. Today is Wednesday but it feels like yesterday was the last day of a long, fun weekend. Finally, in the quiet of my own kitchen this morning, I was able to find my own creativity.

I asked Jube if he felt like he was getting his brains back in his head today. Growing up hasn’t been easy for him lately and I realized that he’s over stimulated and needs an iron supplement. He said he was. I’m with him. It’s amazing to be home today. Home in the quiet. I need quiet margins in my life. Keeps me sane and sharp for the battling of the brain fog.

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